Math for All

Including ELLs & Students of Poverty

Workshop for Teachers (K-12)

How can you get ALL of your students to engage in rigor?

Engaging ELLs and Students in Poverty in Rigorous Math

How are your ELLs and students from low SES doing in math?
Learn research-based strategies that engage ELLs, students from low SES, and all students in rigorous math. (I also offer workshops on only “Engaging ELLs in Rigorous Math” or only “Engaging Students in Poverty in Rigorous Math.”


Dr. Jim tells you how ELLs might feel when learning math; he let’s you experience it by teaching a math lesson in Spanish. After empathizing with ELLs, Jim teaches you research-based strategies to engage ELLs.


Economically disadvantaged students tend to have more risk factors and this affects their learning in all subjects, including math. Students in poverty tend to have weaker working memories. Dr. Jim leads teachers in activities to enhance their working memories that can be used with students to help them boost their scores on state math assessments.

Engaging ELLs and Students in Poverty in Rigor

There are few workshops dealing with both ELLs and students in poverty. If you Google “Workshops, ELLs, Poverty” my name comes first. Dr. Jim will engage teachers to discover the most effective practices according to research for meeting the needs of ELLS and students in poverty.

English as a Second Language Supplemental Certification in Texas (TExES 154)

Do you think that studying for a test has to be boring? Not with Dr. Jim. He will use an engaging style to help you get ready to take this test and be certified to teach ELLs in Texas.

Partner with Ewing Learning.

Success for ELLs: Strategies for Diverse Learners

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