Dr. Ewing is an inspiring, motivational presenter.

“His knowledge is what dreams are made of in the teaching profession.”

Debra Perdue
3rd Grade Teacher
Houston, Texas

<b>Research-based</b> Strategies.

Research-based Strategies.

Currently a math education professor, Dr. Jim offers teachers research-based strategies.


Trained by Eric Jensen to give engaging workshops. Dr. Jim inspires teachers to learn.


Dr. Jim can identify with teachers because he was a teacher for 25 years and an administrator for 8 years.


Teachers empathize with ELLs learning content and language at the same time when Dr. Jim speaks to them in Spanish.

Give your students the best gift—give them a growth (math) mindset.


Too many people believe they aren’t good at math and weren’t born with a math gene (Boaler, 2016). Learn 7 strategies to develop ELLs’ Growth (Math) Mindsets.


Students in poverty tend to have more risk factors, more stress, and thus tend to give up more easily. Learn 7 strategies for developing growth (math) mindsets for students in poverty.

Trained by Eric Jensen
to Give Motivating Workshops.

Jim was 1 of the 7 national education consultants chosen from a pool of 125 to be trained by Eric Jensen. Jim adapts Dr. Jensen’s strategies in workshops: ELLs, Poverty, Math, and ESL Certification in Texas.