Dr. Jim Ewing is an inspiring, motivational presenter.

“His knowledge is what dreams are made of in the teaching profession.”

Debra Perdue
3rd Grade Teacher
Houston, Texas

<b>Research-based</b> Strategies.

Research-based Strategies.

Currently a math education professor, Dr. Jim offers teachers research-based strategies.


Trained by Eric Jensen to give engaging workshops. Dr. Jim inspires teachers to learn.


Dr. Jim can identify with teachers because he was a teacher for 25 years and an administrator for 8 years.


Teachers empathize with ELLs learning content and language at the same time when Dr. Jim speaks to them in Spanish.

Math for ELLs: As Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres
by Dr. Jim Ewing

“Math for ELLs. As Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres” is one of the most valuable professional books I’ve ever owned. Thank you, Jim, for your thoughtful insight and dedication to our kids!

Kelly​, ESL and Testing Coordinator. Beaumont, TX.

Give your students the best gift—give them a growth (math) mindset.


Too many people believe they aren’t good at math and weren’t born with a math gene (Boaler, 2016). Learn 7 strategies to develop ELLs’ Growth (Math) Mindsets.


Students in poverty tend to have more risk factors, more stress, and thus tend to give up more easily. Learn 7 strategies for developing growth (math) mindsets for students in poverty.

Trained by Eric Jensen
to Give Motivating Workshops.

Jim was 1 of the 7 national education consultants chosen from a pool of 125 to be trained by Eric Jensen. Jim adapts Dr. Jensen’s strategies in workshops: ELLs, Poverty, Math, and ESL Certification in Texas.