Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Jim gives motivating workshops to teachers from all grades.

Q: Does Jim have experience?

A: Jim was a teacher himself for 25 years in both Spain and United States.

Q: Does Jim use research-based strategies?

A: Jim has the advantage of being a professor and writing and reading about the latest research.

Q: But professors can be boring—are Jim’s workshops motivating?

A: Jim was trained by Eric Jensen to give motivating workshops. Like Dr. Jensen, Jim uses music and movement to engage teachers and administrators.

Q: What workshops does Jim offer?

A: Jim offers the following workshops to teachers (K-12). He will tailor his workshops to meet your needs. (For example, some schools prefer to have an entire workshop on ELLs or an entire workshop on Students in Poverty.)
1. Engaging ELLs and Students in Poverty in Rigorous Math

2. Engaging ELLs and Students in Poverty in Rigor

3. English as a Second Language Supplemental Certification in Texas (TExES 154)

Q: How are Jim’s workshops different?

A: Instead of telling you how ELLs/Students in Poverty may feel, Jim uses simulations for you to experience how they may feel.

Q: Apart from being motivating, does Jim know how to transfer his knowledge to my school?

A: As you know, many PDs are boring. Others are more interesting, but there is no follow-up or transfer. Jim offers transfer strategies and can also come to your school to coach you how to implement his strategies.

Q: What is a growth (math) mindset?

A: Too many people believe they aren’t good at school (math) and weren’t born with a school (math) gene (Boaler, 2016). Learn 7 strategies to develop ELLs’ Growth (Math) Mindsets and 7 strategies to develop Students in Poverty Growth (Math) Mindsets.

Q: I have heard about meeting the needs of ELLs and the needs of Students in Poverty, but how can I teach them and my other students at the same time?

A: One reason we are failing many of our students is we try to plan for the non-ELLs first and then figure out how to accommodate for ELLs/Students in Poverty. Jim’s practical strategies work for many students, not just ELLs/Students in Poverty.

Q: Will Jim travel to any state and other countries?

A: Yes. Just call him or write an email to make plans.

Q: How can I contact Dr. Jim Ewing?

A: Contact Jim at Seidlitz Education 210-315-7119

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Success for ELLs: Strategies for Diverse Learners

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