In a world of millions of Students,
are yours properly prepared?

The comments below are just a sample of the clients worldwide
who transformed their schools with Ewing Learning.


“You made us feel welcome. Sometimes when you go to trainings, the presenters are not warm…You made it relaxed and like, “I can do this.”

Fun and Supportive

“Dr. Ewing’s ESL preparation course was fun and supportive. He has a strong passion for teaching and assisting students.”


“Keep being awesome!”

ELL Perspective

“I like the perspective that was given by Dr. Jim Ewing about ELLs. His enthusiasm was truly appreciated.”

Positive Attitude

“He brings a great atmosphere, positive attitude. His introduction gave me all the information I needed to understand how our ELLs must feel in the classroom and helpful tools to help ELLs feel more included.”


“Dr. Ewing has a unique dynamic to his approach and delivery of educating educators with regard to ELLs. His enthusiasm and energy on this topic is enlightening.”

Inspired, Motivated and Excited

“This was a great workshop to have right before school starts! It left me feeling inspired, motivated and excited to meet the year ahead.”

His Enthusiasm and Passion is Contagious

“This is the second course I have taken with Dr. Ewing, and I have enjoyed them both immensely. Dr. Ewing is very knowledgeable about the course subject and extremely supportive of his students. No question is out of bounds, and he takes concerns seriously. Normally, summer courses are highly labor intensive, but this course is designed in such a way that it contained a lot of content, but didn’t feel overwhelming. I would say Dr. Ewing is more of a mentor than an instructor. His enthusiasm and passion for bilingual education is contagious.”

A Great Partner

“Raguet Elementary School is blessed to have the partnership with Dr. Ewing for the past two years.”

He Loves What He Does Support

“He is always there to lend a helping hand and loves what he does. His life stories add to the course and his laugh and smile brightens anyone’s day. He always keeps a positive demeanor and it is reciprocated.”

Partner with Ewing Learning.

Success for ELLS: Strategies for Diverse Learners

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