Dr. Jim Ewing is a sought after speaker. He has presented in
English and Spanish at conferences, on panels and in workshops around the World.

National & International 

Ewing, J.(2017, January).  “Bringing all students, including ELLs, up to grade level,” University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona.

 Ewing, J.(2016, November). “Abriendo Fronteras: How pre-service teachers learn to teach productive struggle to all students, including ELLs,” North American Chapter of the International Group for the Pscychology of Mathematics Education, Tuscon, Arizona.

 Ewing, J. (2014, April). “Facilitating the Mathematical Practices to English language learners.”National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting& Exposition. New Orleans, LA.

Ewing, J. (2014, March). “Pre-service teachers learn to engage English language learners in mathematics.” Panel Presentation. Harvard Graduate Student Research Conference. Harvard University, Boston, MA.

Ewing, J. (2013, April). “How do university field supervisors, observe, assess, and support the preparation of pre-service teachers to work with English language learners?” Roundtable Presentation. Harvard Graduate Student Research Conference. Harvard, University, Boston, MA.

State & Regional 

Ewing, J. (2017, July). “Preparing pre-service teachers to meet ELLs’ needs in methods courses.” Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching. Fort Worth, Texas.

Ewing, J. (2017, July).  “Math and ELLs: Help for teachers.” Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching. Fort Worth, Texas.

Ewing, J. (2017, April). “Do scripted lessons promote pre-service teachers to provide access to all students?” The Texas Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education. Nacogdoches, Texas.

Ewing, J. (2017, February). “Mathematics preservice teachers learning to teach productive struggle to all students, including ELLs.” Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.Orlando, Florida.

Ewing, J. (2017, January). “Empowering teacher candidates to develop language in methods courses.” Stephen F. Austin State University. Nacogdoches, Texas.

Montgomery, M. S., Reily, S. L., Sowards, A. B., & Ewing, J. S. (2016, October). “Achieving excellence in education through English, Mathematics, and Science (AXE’EMS).” Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education. San Marcos, Texas.

Ewing, J. (2016, September). “Preparing pre-service teachers in Mathematics Methods Courses:Engage all students, including ELLs,” Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Texas. Abilene, Texas.

Ewing, J. (2013, March). “Facilitating the Mathematical Practices to English language learners.” Panel Presentation. Ten County Mathematics Educators Association. Middletown, NY.

Ewing, J. (2012, November). “ELLs, Common Core, and math.” Panel Presentation. Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State.Rye, NY.

Conference Presentation in Spanish:

Ewing, J. (2013, May). “Mi madre como maestra; Acomodando las necesidades de estudiantes y enseñando amabilidad.” Panel Presentation. A Day in Spanish at the Ninth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry as a Global Endeavor. University of Illinois. Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Webinar Presentation:
Ewing, J. (2013, January). “Facilitating the MPs from the CCSSM for ELLs. (Who says teaching is easy!)” Webinar. TODOS: Mathematics for all.

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